The Gussie Wortham Foundation Inc.
The Gussie Wortham Foundation Inc.

Sponsors/Sponsorship Opportunities


  • Gold Level: $1,000
  • Company Name on Official Tournament Shirts
  • Full Page Ad on Foundation's Website
  • Exposure on Foundation's Social Media Pages
  • Sponsors Trophy
  • Company Name on Tournament Banner


  • Silver Level: $500
  • Team Sponsorship-Company Name on Team Shirts
  • Company Name on Official Tournament Shirts 
  • Sponsor Trophy 
  • Half Page Ad on Foundation's Website


  • Bronze Level: $250
  • Half Page Ad on Foundation's Website 
  • Company/Name on Official Tournament Shirts        


     Past/Present  Sponsors of the Gussie Wortham B-Ball Classic

  • Greater Hartford Pro-Am- Pete Higgins
  • Wentworth, DeAngelis & Kaufman-Ned & Gavin Wentworth
  • Harper & Whitfield, P.C.
  • Zach's Family Foundation
  • Greg
  • Ronald P. Slomcinsky
  • Ryan Gomes Inc.
  • Dana Scott
  • Discount Trophy-East Hartford, CT
  • Howard Simpson-Director of Officials 
  • Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Beth Thurz
  • David M. & Nancy D. Schraver
  • New Britain Legacies
  • Levy Gillespie-Capital Prep
  • Ken Smith-Windsor High
  • Evans Transportation, LLC.
  • Family First- James & Tashima Wortham
  • Corey Googe/Freddie Morris/Jason Veal-CT Express
  • Multi-Cultural Community Alliance-RJo Winch
  • Club Z Tutoring Services-Tobias Ceasar
  • Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence-Linda Blozie
  • Boys & Girls Club-Asylum Hill
  • Automatic Rolls of New England
  • Everett
  • AFB Freedom-Steve Thompson
  • Walden St. Juste-CT Scholars
  • Culture Kingdom Generations-Troy Christopher Moore
  • Hot Pots
  • Bayer, Odlum & Hyde LLC
  • CT Roughriders-Donnell Lawson
  • CT Rise-Bernard Braithwaite
  • Hoop Wave-Dean Jones & Shaquille Folston
  • New Haven Heat-Doc Kennedy 
  • City of Hartford-Dr. Painter & Elizabeth H. Sheff
  • ScoutReach-Bryan Hall
  • My Peoples Clinical Services-Abdul-Rahmaan I. Muhammad
  • Marilyn & Ralph Lopez
  • The Law Offices of Matthew J. Lefevre
  • The City of Hartford Recreation Dept.
  • Sam Broome
  • Mark Mocadlo
  • Frank Wadsworth
  • Enrique Fermi High School
  • Mitzie R. Simpson-Andrade-Century 21 All Points Realty
  • Scoutreach-Bryan Hall
  • UConn Health Center-Farmington, CT
  • CIGNA-Philadephia.
  • Network For Good-Washington, D.C.
  • Connecticut Flight Basketball-Bruce Montey Jr
  • Hudson Valley Kings-Donald L. Herring Jr.
  • Exclusive Cuts Barbershop
  • Main Avent Group-Ashon Avent
  • Kemp Shirts-John Kemp

Want to become a Donor or Volunteer?

Please call us at: 1(843) 796-3989 or 1(860) 888-9945. You also have the option of filling out our contact form.

Gussie Wortham Foundation Inc.

912 Barn Owl Court

Myrtle, Beach, SC



To donate through Zelle or your bank account: 8608889945


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