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The Gussie Wortham Foundation Inc.

Impact Without Limits

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                 "Teach Me, Don't Talk About Me"

We all have the opportunity to make an impact in this world without limits. The ability to give back to our communities, the less fortunate, or anyone we can uplift and enrich is our social responsibility.


Imagine if we shared our talents, pooled our resources or gave without expectation of anything in return. If 2020 has shown us anything, it is our obligation towards our fellow human. 


What if you were a musician who encounters a young person interested in playing the instrument you happened to excel at? Do you just tell them to join their school band or do you offer to give them a few free lessons. 


You see someone in need of a coat. You have several coats in your posssesion that you don't even wear. Do you send that person to an organization that dontes to people in need or do you donate the coats? What if it was a family in need? Do you organize a coat drive or hope someone else decides to help them? Let's say you come across someone with a good idea to help your community. Do you acknowledge its a good idea and offer to collaborate, because you share similar ideas or keep it moving?  Or do you share your ideas and collaborate and make the idea even better?  


Our philosophy with "Impact Without Limits" has been to help without question. It's easy to see a problem and say "Oh that's a shame". Impact Without Limits is about seeing a problem and working on a resolution. Some initiatives are small. Others much larger. It does not matter. Impact Without will never talk about you, we will teach you! Teach you to see the problem, have a cause, or pool resources to create something better for someone else.


So are YOU ready to make an Impact Without Limits?



Community Schools & Organizations Impacted by our assistance 

1) Verplanck Elementary School-Manchester, Connecticut

2) Milner School-Hartford, Connecticut

3) Clayton Highville Charter School-New Haven, Connecticut

4) Lincoln Bassett Community School-New Haven, Connecticut 

5) Ocean Bay Elementary School-Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 

6) Myrtle Beach High School-Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 

7) The Finklea Family After School Team-Loris, South Carolina

8) Mother's of Victim's Equality Inc.-West Haven, Connecticut 

9) AI3 Leadership Academy, LLC-Waterbury, Connecticut

10) Red Springs Middle School-Red Sprngs, North Carolina

11) Save Our Sons of the Carolinas- Saluda, South Carolina 

12) Riverside Community Economic Development Project-Saluda, South Carolina 

13) God's Gift-Myrtle Beach,South Carolina 

14) Soles4Souls-Old Hickory, Tennessee 

15) Palmetto Literacy Council-South Carolina

To donate through Zelle: 8608889945