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Mr. Kenneth Thompson,


I am writing this letter of thanks to the Gussie Wortham Foundation Inc. from Lilburn, Georgia in regards to your foundation assisting my family in a time when my daughter needed help with furthering her education. My daughter (Rycheal Walker) who is a Sophomore at Middle Georgia State University in Macon, GA.  I am a single parent and presently unemployed and struggling financially. I have savaged the first part of purchasing the majority of of her I raeched out your foundation after being referred by friends whom your foundation had asisted in Connecticut with educational supplies over the years. The foundation without hesitation was able to assist my family and I am forever grateful to Mr. Thompson and the Gussie Wortham Foundation Inc.


Ms. Jeannine Brown

Lilburn, GA


To: Coach  Kenneth Thompson and Staff,


I would like to take this opportunity to express my heratfelt  appreciation and to thank you and  your staff for all the hardwork, dedication and time put into the Education before Basketball Program. I am very grateful for the chance my son Ja'mani Eaton was giving to particpate in this life changing experience. My son is improving with the help of the coaches/mentors in the Gussie Wortham Foundation's Education before Basketball Program enhancing his weakenesses in his basketball development. I am grateful for all of the time and effort put in by Coach Thompson and his staff  in regards to stressing the importance of  student first, athlete second This program is deserving of a round of applause and definitely needs to be commended for their efforts as volunteers helping our young men in their positive development as future role models. As a parent I only want the best for my son and I will do whatever it takes within my power to give him this. I feel Education before Basketball is well rounded placing education first and basketball second, a great concept that goes hand in hand with my beliefs as a parent. I truly believe that if a child's grades are not in order, sports should not be a primary factor. My son is a very well rounded young man, great grades and loves the game of basketball as much as he loves education. I'm very happy that he was giving this opportunity to improve on his skills on the court and hope with continued hard work from what he has learned participating in the Education before Basketball Program, he will be successful at anything he puts his mind to. So in closing, I truly appreciated the Education before Basketball Program and look forward to my son continuing to participate and grow in this program.


Ms.Bonnie Eaton

East Hartford, CT


Virginia (Ginger) Wortham. This foundation is very close to my heart, my uncle/big brother has worked tirelessly to help those in situations of abuse. He has truly kept the memory of my mother Gussie Wortham alive for over 20 years in doing this. I am making a call to all family members both Thompson and Wortham help him continue in this mission of helping those in need. I love ❤you Bro, and Gussie see’s your hard work in her name. CONTRIBUTE !!!!!


Hartford, CT


Not to many ppl you call your "friend" keep their word about doing something. But this young man I really do appreciate and I'm glad I can call him my friend. Mr. Kenneth Thompson you are the best! On behave of Milner Owls basketball team we thank you so much for your generous donation for our trophies. It's ppl like you that make ppl like me wants to do better for OUR kids in OUR community. Thank you sir!!!!!!!!!!  


Tamara Jones-Roberts

Thirman Milner School

Hartford, CT




I wanted to take time out and thank Kenneth Thompson for his donation, means a lot that people believe in what I’m trying to accomplish with having an AAU team, because it’s not about me it’s about the kids and giving them an opportunity to be successful. So again thank you very much for this donation.

Doc Kennedy 
New Haven Heat 


August 1, 2017
To whom it may concern:
My name is Melissa Crawford and I am writing this on behalf of Coach Kenneth Thompson. I have known Coach T for many years, in fact before he was a Coach. I must say that his character hasn’t changed. In
high school he was a committed athlete who showed leadership qualities along with discipline and reliability. Growing up in the inner-city had it challenges; however, he persevered and remained steadfast and dedicated to his community while also devoting most of his adulthood to giving back. He could see the treasure in empowering children to do their best while providing opportunities for them
to see beyond the walls of society’s limitations. , Coach T still exemplifies those same qualities. He is a man of integrity committed to his
community while also being dedicated to the development of the young athlete. Kenny exhibits leadership on and off the court. I’ve often seen him keep his composure during difficult game situations while keeping a positive outlook and encouraging words of communication to the athlete. His coaching style is motivational while inspiring the athlete to do their best. This in fact, was implanting a desire in them to achieve more. There is no doubt that he truly believes in their potential to the point that they are enthused to believe in themselves. He has created two organizations that are near and dear to his heart. He has a love for sports; basketball in particular and his love for family/community is
clearly shown in all that he does. Although, there was an opportunity for him to give up because of the tragic death of his sister due to domestic violence. He turned that pain and sorrow from that misfortune
into an opportunity to invest/give to someone else. He created an organization that would give a voice to those who were too afraid to speak out. A safe haven to discuss the topics that are often “taboo” in
the neighborhood. The Gussie Wortham Foundation was formed to help individuals in the community with resources needed to survive domestic violence. The goal of the foundation is to educate while empowering. Coach T also created EBB (Education Before Basketball). I cannot say enough great things about this Organization. It promotes education, leadership, discipline, and positive communication while giving the athlete the skills to succeed academically and athletically. Kenny is a role model for Coaches. He is a hard worker and promotes the same for the youth. My sons have participated in his tournaments which
are often funded by him personally without monetary gains on his part. He has proven his commitment to his childhood community by arranging tournaments and fundraisers in Connecticut while he resides
out of state. He carries this to his new community. He has dedicated half his life on and off the court to provide a positive outlook to those who have been blessed to cross his path. I am assured that he will be
successful in any endeavors that are before him.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa D. Crawford


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